Message by CEO

Dr. Muhammad Amjad
Chief Executive

It gives me immense pleasure to Celebrate Silver Jubilee on the eve of 25 years excellence in the field of Parents Stock supply and establishing remarkable record of excellence in the field of Production of Grand Parents Stock to meet Poultry Sector needs in the country.

VETY CARE GROUP launched Quality Poultry Breeders in 1987 up to date and its mission in this program was to meet needs of the Customers, Partners and Associates for provision of quality Parent Stocks capable to provision of quality Parent Stocks capable to face global Competition by virtue of his performance and possessing unique production genetic potentials. Towards this end, VETY CARE Group entered into franchise with Arbor Acers, USA.

We are proud of the fact that Arbor Acers has made significant strides in bridging gap in Animal Protein availability in our mases. All this achievement its undoubtedly attributable to untiring efforts, devotion and Commitment of our professional team which is equally creditable and laudable.

Further, it is worth mentioning here based on feedback from poultry farmers and breeders, that Chicks from Quality Breeders possess inherent potential of faster growth, adoptability and amazingly higher feed conversion efficiency which results in encouraging dividend to Poultry Farmers.