About The Company

Quality Poultry Breeders is one of the pioneers of broiler Grand Parent project in Pakistan. The company started its operations in collaboration with Aviagen in 1990. QPB is the exclusive distributor for Arbor Acres breeder in Pakistan. Since 1990, the company has achieved excellence and prominent position in the poultry industry.

Owing to the excellence in the farm operations and becoming a reputable name in the poultry industry, the company was awarded distributions for Hy-Line International, a leading layer breeding company. QPB is proud to be associated with Hy-line for the last 20 years.

Following the success in the farm operations, Quality Feeds, a feed manufacturing company was established in 1996 to manufacture high quality poultry feed free from any animal source to meet the nutritional requirements of the company’s own projects as well as for the welfare of local farmers.

The high quality of the feed made it very popular among the farmer community and Quality Feeds has now expanded its wings into the cattle and dairy industry as well.

In 2014, H & Y Traders was established to serve the industry with high quality feed additives and poultry equipment.